Welcome to Food on Demand!!
 We strive to keep our community happy with delivering yummy food within the community to the community. There is never a dull moment with our amazing drivers, they all bring their amazing personalities and enthusiasm every day to the job. We know and trust all of our drivers, and they all look forward to delivering all the local eats to you.
Next time you are in the mood for delivery THINK OF FOOD ON DEMAND!!! 
"You ring it, we bring it!"
We only deliver for our partners who agree to be on our service with out any menu upcharge. We have the lowest delivery fees in town, as well as just added a $2.00 charge due to we pay our employees hourly and with a per delivery comission We also had to add .50 per order for the restaurants packaging fees. We belive knowing who is deliering your food is most important as well as the community feel we strive for. l
Thank you, The Wells family and Driving Specialist Team